Gunung Pulai – Johor


The 654 meters high mountain of Malaysia is located in the state of Johor. The beautiful landscapes provided by this area are highly because of its presence amidst rainforest. The beautiful position of the mountain or rather the hills is coupled with a magnificent waterfall. You need to visit this place to absorb the treat it has to provide you with its mesmerizing beauty.

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You can take the North South highway and make your way towards the Kulai exit. You will be passing a toll plaza and after that some palm estates. Eventually you will reach the Kampung Sri Gunung Pulai village. A road runs across this village that will lead you to a forest area. Almost over a decade ago a landslide took place in this area. The loss of lives that took place at that time has resulted in the stopping of vehicles from entering further inside. You need to travel on foot from here itself. After a few meters you will have the option of choosing the way towards the top of the peak or going down and visiting the waterfall. However in order to reach out to the peak top you need to have young lungs as it might take you almost a couple of hours of climbing. However, don’t worry, even if you climb only a part, it won’t prevent you from capturing the beautifully covered natural portraits of the rainforests embracing the hill.

You will find an extensive presence of dipterocarp along the hills. Though most forests in this region have fallen prey to logging, the Gunung Pulai still remains as a Virgin forest. Among other plantations you will see here are the Seraya trees and the Shorea curtisii. Most of the trees here are at least 40 meters high. Licuala palms and Sugar palms are also a common sight herein. There might not be much of wildlife present in the Gunung Pulai forest left from the traps of the human attack. Instead you might get to see some rare variety of butterflies and other insects.

The greatest attraction of this region is the waterfall. The beautifully flowing ripples might at times have some aquatic fauna within it. However not all things are on a positive note about Gunung Pulai waterfall.

The beauty that this place captivates is easy to find out but difficult to hold on to. Locals are misusing this gift of nature and at times use the waterfall to bathe or wash out their things. Lack of proper maintenance might eat away this spot of attraction quite easily. You will feel the same once you take your eyes from the scenic backdrop to the used bottles and food packets around you. Another probable threat is the anxiety of quarry. It has already started eating up places in area and you can see the barren area even from a distance. The potential tourist attraction can only get better by proper management from the authorities. Gunung Pulai is capable of giving us much more in return only if we can conserve what it has got.

Wandering around in Mersing

The vital location of Mersing has elevated its popularity among the local inhabitants 
of nearby towns & cities. International tourists coming from far off places like 
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standards of people. While visiting other islands of their choice, some of them even 
wonder about the attractions offered by Mersing to its fellow travelers. Numerous 
travelers after arriving at Mersing often look for proper accommodation with 
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hours of traveling in a bus. Though, the express bus services provided by some of 
the foremost companies offer luxurious seats with soft cushions in order to support 
their head along with private entertainment via portable gadgets & packaged foods. 
But, still some people can’t withstand the motion of traveling all the time as they 
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Staying at resorts & hotels in Mersing has its own advantages as the hotel staffs 
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Most of the restaurants in Mersing prepares non vegetarian dishes. However, some 
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vegetarian restaurants in Mersing which serves the need of its guests by serving 
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food without any onion or garlic as per their own customs. 
While, other non vegetarian restaurants provide wide range of options such as 
homemade pizza with delectable toppings options, sirloin streak, salmon streak, 
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Mersing with fresh meat/ fish prepared with nutritious vegetables & flavorful spices. 
Some of the western tourists have always admired the dishes of Mersing worldwide 
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